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A Winter Wonderland

Reflecting on the year you've just had always seems like a good exercise to do around Christmas time and 2020 is no exception; but wow, it's been quite the year! I don't think any of us have ever known anything quite like it. Still, I sat down this week to reflect as usual and it became obvious how overwhelmingly grateful I am for my singing students.

In January 2020, there was no Rebecca Hardcastle Vocal Coach. There was a girl who was rushing around teaching drama, singing, dance, organising workshops and generally running herself ragged. I was doing what I loved, but in a way that was far too much for one individual. Then we had the fateful news that we were heading into lockdown. At first I panicked on a major scale. It looked like my income was just going to dry up and I had to do something about it. From here, my online singing lessons were born and the smiling, happy faces I saw each week kept me going. They gave me a reason to get out of bed, a reason to keep creating, a reason to keep researching the voice and a very important financial lifeline.

Roll on nine months and we have made it to December. I asked my students to do a little Christmas project for me about a month ago and asked them all to learn Winter Wonderland. We all worked on it in our online lessons and then I sent them off to record it with their parents. I then spent last week editing all their videos together and I could not be more proud of what they have achieved. Every single one of them has taken on any advice I've given them and have grown as performers, whether that's with their pitching, musicality, performance, focus or confidence. There may only be four little faces this year, but I couldn't wish for four better little faces and next year's Christmas video is going to be even more epic with even more faces, because if this year has taught me one thing, it's that life is too short to spend it not doing something you love.

My little lockdown business has brought me so much joy and this video is the culmination of all that joy, plus a lot of hard work. Please like, love, share and be kind to these wonderful students. Thank you gang! You're all my favourites!

Merry Christmas!

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